Act! Consultancy

Skillsets recommend Act! as the most reliable, efficient and cost effective off-the-shelf Contact and Client Management software solution. To get the maximum benefit from this powerful suite of tools, however, it’s hugely beneficial to enlist the services of an expert consultant.

Having spent the last 15 years implementing these systems we are well equipped to do this. We’ll help you realise and harness the full capabilities of the programmes, plus customise them to your unique requirements.

We’ll take the time to understand precisely what you want to achieve, then use our specialist knowledge and experience to recommend the most appropriate and cost effective option to meet your needs. We’ll not only answer all your questions, but draw your attention to those other issues and challenges that you need to consider. We can help you compare available options and weigh up their relative merits. What’s more, we can help you plan for the future by reviewing the long-term capability, scalability and flexibility of the software that you select.

Once installed we can provide training, plus ongoing support and development. This will ensure everything runs smoothly and that you get the maximum benefit by utilising the system’s capabilities to the full.